We think the principle of matriarchate finds out a substantial base in the past history of new Russian members of the family

We think the principle of matriarchate finds out a substantial base in the past history of new Russian members of the family

Today’s condition of your second seems to show that second phase in development try the family community, composed of people joined by origin of a common forefather and you may with one worship regarding ancestors which often lead from it. The entire subjection of spouse towards partner, as well as the youngsters with the dad; neighborhood of products and preferred excitement of their write by new family relations life style according to the exact same roof; the fresh approved excellence regarding later years and of lead origin out of the common predecessor; the entire lack of testamentary dispositions of property, as well as of these mode from judge series and therefore supposes partition, and also the exception of your own a lot more remote by the nearer kin; the latest removal of feminine regarding contribution on household members house while the relationships makes them aliens; each one of these options that come with this new patriarchal household members so ably represented from inside the the newest works of Sir Henry Maine, reappear in today’s composition of your own Russian family relations.

Let’s studies one at a time the brand new attribute features of so it members of the family structure of your own peasant, a composition similar to that early Celts and Germans than that some of the progressive regions out-of Europe.

What i’m saying is, needless to say, regarding the world people, the middle and higher kinds which have already then followed Eu ways and you can society, being on that account confronted with a rules which, to the several section, is in lead opposition so you can vintage rules

In advance of applying for their partner’s family unit members, the newest bride to be have to sever most of the ties that have hitherto likely their particular towards the domestic-spirits significantly less than whoever safeguards this lady has introduced their own youthfulness, and really should solemnly adopt brand new praise of those of your own loved ones to the hence she is going to enter. It personal indication of an improvement navigera till denna webbplats out-of worship is very certainly observed in the wedding ceremonies of your own Southern Slavs. This isn’t therefore decidedly preserved in those of East Slavs. These two events getting the same on their supply and you will character, I can begin by basic stating the latest spiritual heritage, heritage of an undoubtedly pagan origin — however used within Bulgarian betrothals. “When you look at the Lika,” claims Meters. Bogisic, “the fresh fiance, before leaving their dad’s home, goes three times around the hearth, prostrating herself. when, as if in order to implore forgiveness.” As you are alert to this new personal connection with lived between the praise of the fireplace and that of loved ones ancestors, I wanted perhaps not let you know that brand new work did of the Bulgarian bride to be before leaving her parent’s house does not have any other meaning than regarding a last invocation of the property-morale whoever praise this woman is getting ready to leaving.

The good advantages however affixed by Russian peasant so you’re able to agnatism, that’s in order to matchmaking to your dad’s side, try revealed of the part which predecessor worship takes on even now within celebration of a nation relationship

The latest morale should feel damage because of the decision she has taken so you’re able to withdraw in order to her partner’s homestead, also to end up being appeased because of the an act out-of humiliation on her behalf part. When she’s immediately following regarding the bridegroom’s family the brand new maiden is actually obliged to perform another type of ceremony; she need seat by herself close to the hearth, in order to keep right up for a little while the flames burning thereon because of the items of timber tossed on to they with her very own give. The new symbolical reputation of ceremony could possibly get easily be identified. The young wife is on the purpose of getting an associate of the home neighborhood of her spouse, and as such, a participant in its family unit members praise. Their unique acquiescence have to be conveyed by a symbol, and her keeping up the flame into fireplace is strictly such as for example an icon. The newest customized simply discussed is obtainable all-over Bulgaria and also become more than once alluded so you’re able to of the modern ethnographers, M. Bogisic, Mr. Krauss, although some.