The final test consisted of 648 members (women = %, men = %, non-digital = step one

The final test consisted of 648 members (women = %, men = %, non-digital = step one

In Study 2, users had been offered factual definitions away from how gender equivalence in the personal character field increased into the Sweden from the 70s up until now. I framed the role switch to mandecadess both feminine otherwise dudes to evaluate whether a focus on ladies escalation in agentic jobs or men’s increase in public jobs swayed attitudes away from femininity and you can masculinity, correspondingly. Adopting the leads to Study 1 indicating you to definitely womanliness would be much harder so you’re able to relate to guys than manliness with female, we thought that explicitly presenting how men’s room involvement when you look at the residential and you will adult employment have increased over time carry out end up in an increase from inside the womanliness but one to a processing reputation or a state of being which means ladies’ increased involvement throughout the labor field won’t.

Members and you will Design

Participants were recruited from web forums on social media pages focused on student forums recruiting participants to psychological research and a student participant pool hosted by Gothenburg University. A total of 676 participants completed the survey, 28 participants were removed from the experimental conditions for failing to answer control questions correctly. 08%; Mage = , SDage = 9.72).

We utilized good step 3 (Creating of Part Alter: women’s upsurge in agentic opportunities/men’s upsurge in communal positions/handle class) ? 2 (Target Gender: women/men) ? 2 (Year: ) between-subjects factorial design. Users have been randomized to 1 of your own standards in which it read often regarding women’s change in agentic roles, men’s room change in public positions or perhaps to a processing position, and you can ranked either an everyday lady or a frequent man away from for the last (1950) or perhaps the establish (2017). Given that i discover no move from today’s on upcoming within the Data step 1, precisely the earlier in addition to introduce had been included in this studies. This new false development price (FDR) to own Research dos was calculated in the same way as for Research step 1. The FDR to own Analysis dos are 2.20% which suggests your total risk of falsely rejecting the new null hypothesis was less than 5%.

Shaping regarding Role Transform

A couple of messages are built and that demonstrated an actual improvement in section regarding work for females otherwise dudes and named “Female capture a great deal more duty from the labor field” and “Men just take way more obligation in the home.” The words regarding the feminine concerned about changes in ladies participation for the the latest work sector since the mid-1900s (elizabeth.g., broadening involvement for the paid off labor and you will admission into specialities before reigned over because of the dudes). A chart illustrated the change inside work rates of women and you will men of 1970 to 2018. The language from the guys concerned about alterations in men’s room involvement inside the outstanding labor because the mid-1900s (e.g., men’s room increase in parental leave and improved day spent on residential opportunities into the heterosexual homes). A graph illustrated the portion of parental hop out drawn because of the men and female while the regarding 1974 so you can now (get a hold of Profile A1 into the Appendix A).

Character Non-traditionalism

Imagined part non-traditionalism is estimated such as Study step 1 cuatro : public non-traditionalism integrated men’s room involvement within the communal business and you can house work (? = 0.89), whereas agentic low-traditionalism provided ladies’ contribution from inside the agentic business and house employment (? = 0.90).

Gender Stereotypic Properties

The fresh new gender stereotypic functions scales found in Research step one had been abbreviated to prevent fellow member exhaustion which was deemed becoming regarding higher question inside research, because of the presence of a book on professionals so you’re able to realize. The fresh balances was in fact basic developed getting split with each other valence so you’re able to manage a confident and you may bad level both for womanliness and you may masculinity. not, the shape to possess confident maleness presented very poor reliability; ? = 0.58 just after reducing of an item which have reduced inter-goods relationship. Given that negative attributes had been found in earlier in the day training into vibrant stereotypes to eliminate the risk of confusing label alter having public desirability (Diekman and you can Eagly, 2000), we chose to play with methods from combined positive and negative womanliness/masculinity; just like the aside from valence what exactly will likely be coordinated within this each gender stereotype. The fresh, combined scales have been made upwards off eight factors for every single measure (four confident and four bad facts) 5 . Reliability are ideal for both femininity scale (? = 0.71) and for the masculinity size (? = 0.81). Professionals answered with respect to exactly how likely toward a size away from 1 (not at all almost certainly) so you’re able to 7 (most likely) a lady/guy into the is to try to has actually these features.