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Welcome to MJ’s.

With the support of an incredible team of hard workers that you will meet at the bottom of this page we are excited for you to try our products.

We started out making candles for christmas gifts and unique presents, as we were both massive fans of having a nicely scented candle burning throughout the house.

For our wedding we decided to make candles for all of the guests. With such great feedback we thought that we would start offering our candles to other candle lovers.

We have added some amazing soaps. Our soaps have no fillers or anything unpleasant into them. They feel amazing on your skin and smell incredible.

We are always playing around with new products and will be releasing new products on a regular basis.

Thank you,

Michelle & Jay.

Meet the team:

Lexie: Lex is the head of our R&D team. With an amazing nose she can mix up fantastic combinations of fragrances for you to enjoy.

Tigger: Tiggs is the most agile of our team, She is great at sneaking between resting candles and soaps to ensure the best quality control possible.

Stew: Stew is the man in charge, He keeps everyone on their toes and makes sure there is no slacking off. He really struggles with Puma.

Puma: Puma is the dreamer of the bunch, He likes to say he is thinking of new ideas and combinations. We’re still waiting on that first idea. We think he just enjoys sleeping.

Regular team meetings: This is supposedly where all the ideas come from, These team meetings are a regular occurrence. Sometimes 5 – 6 times a day even. They don’t really come up with much to be honest.

Roxie: Rox is the head of our quality control team. She has a very unique review system. If she likes something she jumps up and down 3 times, if she loves the product she jumps up and down 5 times. She’s yet to find a bad product we’ve made because she never stops jumping up and down.

Ace: Ace is the workshop foreman. He keeps everyone on their toes from his high perch. Sometimes we’re not sure if he’s glaring at us or sleeping.

Wreck: Wreckie is one of the most important team members, he’s our lead smelly-ologist. He smells each product to make sure we’re making them as strong as possible. Also being an ex racing greyhound he’s very quick at his job.

Scratch: Scratch is our official timekeeper, he notifies everyone when the work day finishes and most importantly for Ace when the work day starts. Trust me no one can miss the siren that he makes.

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